Who’s who in the zoo


p style=”text-align: justify;”>If you think about it, (almost) everyone agrees that a lion in the zoo is not the same as a lion in the wild? Somehow there is a difference. The wild lion “feels” more like a lion…if obeys the rules of the wild that was set out for a lion. It really “feels” like the king of the jungle. The lion in the zoo seems like a distortion of the real thing…the only time you see its teeth is when it yawns!? It still has the same needs, but it no longer has to fight for it or put in any effort… It is fed…and it waits for its food to come to it. It looks like a shell of a lion, a fake, if it had one it could be argued that it has lost its soul.

Now consider man for a second, I would say the same applies, with one considerable difference: We build our own cages, whereas the lion have no choice. God gave us gifts, set out rules, guidelines, for us on living, yet we use our gifts to build cages, create security, this safety bubble so that we need not need…instead we HAVE. And some of us build our cages to show them off, wanna be the best in the zoo, have the best cage, the biggest feeding bowl, etc…without realizing that we are a distorted version of what God intended.

And I’m willing to contend that we all, every privileged and pampered person, Christian or non-Christian, feels the bars of our cages, we might word it differently, but the feeling is there. How else would we explain how popular extreme sports became… Bear Grills’ popularity is a living testimony to this fact. We feel the safety of the zoo and our dying souls miss the danger of the wild…so we create our own “danger” – skydiving, bungee jumping, 4×4 and all the different adventure sports. Even when we set out to be “dangerous” we make sure that we have insurance, we make sure our medical aid covers the activity, cellphone coverage, bandages and energy bars. So the “danger” we try to create to escape our zoo is more like the amusement park across the street from the zoo and when we are done there, we return to the safety of our cages.

By depending on our ability to provide for ourselves, we lose our souls, literally. The thing is, we fool ourselves, we cannot provide for ourselves, we need God, we need the Giver more than the gifts…we need to need the Giver…a human was made like that – to not need Him (or to distract yourself from realizing you need Him) seems then to be a distorted human, a shell, a fake, just like the ‘zoo-ed’ lion.

The center of God’s will is the safest place in eternity, but it might be the most dangerous place on earth.

-Henk Crafford


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