“Typical” Varsity Student Syndrome

The best things in life, is unexpected.

These were my two desires: To become a journalist and to take part in missions. However between the two, one always seemed to be in my reach and I have always believed that the one in my reach was the journalism dream. This is because I’m a university student at the moment and writing for the school newspaper is, what I consider to be, the closest thing to being a journalist. So I applied for a ‘features position’ for the university newspaper, I was then invited to an interview (Which gave me a lot of hope) and then my hope was tarnished when I was rejected. It was sad thinking about how the only activity which I could take part in at varsity, was the one I was rejected for. It was official I was/had become the “typical varsity student” who only attended classes and took part in no extra-curricular activities and was part of no society (no offense to those who are like this). tumblr_mb8ty4Tdd31qazj2jo1_500

This all changed when I saw the TUKS Missions stall during marketing week , the same week which I had experienced rejection from the newspaper. It was quite random as I was just walking by, going to class and I had no hope whatsoever in joining any society, but I ended up stopping by the stall. I asked what this society was all about and due to my newly founded hobby of reading , I even took a book (they were giving out free books). An added benefit was the act that they were giving free biscuits and coffee (which was a good thing because free food always manages to bring people together, especially students from all four corners of the university). After that I nervously attended the registration evening and I later started attending all the meetings.

While attending the meetings, for once in my life truly believe that being a part of TUKS Missions was actually the LORD’s plan for me. Being a part of TUKS Missions has given me insight into the world, the insight that news24 or eNCA will never give me. I have learned about how people around the world are struggling and fighting for their Faith. I have also taken the first step in pursuing my desire for missionary work by being a volunteer at Crossroads Coffeehouse (A shelter that focuses on feeding the homeless with food for the soul and the stomach). I have only volunteered once and it was quite challenging as I did not open up heart to the people at the shelter, however I will continue going to Coffeehouse and the next time I go I will open up my heart.

Passionate, is the word that can be used to describe the people at TUKS Missions. The group’s sole desire is to reach out to people and share the Gospel of GOD. In most cases I would consider such amazing people to be intimidating and completely out of my league but they are actually inspiring. They show me what missions is all about. It’s about having this strong desire to help people and give people hope. It is so wonderful.

I believe, without a doubt, that I am supposed to be a part of TUKS Missions. Thus making me conclude that plans might make one feel secure and structured but the most wonderful, beautiful and significant things in life are unexpected. And TUKS Missions counts as a one of those beautiful and unexpected things that I really consider to be best in my life.

Lethabo Malepa

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