Tuks Mission’s Camp Storm

Every year, close to the end of an adventure filled, prosperous and sometimes dreadful year the new Tuks Missions committee for the upcoming year – Goes Camping! A camp where we as committee members plan and dream about what God has planned for us as a new committee, we spent time in fellowship with each other and step out in trusting faith in God into a new season for Tuks Missions.

This year however our camp took an unexpected turn! Planning was going well, amazing ideas were shared – we were dreaming big for 2014. But we weren’t the only ones with big dreams. God in his amazing might and sovereign power revealed to us the wild untamed side of His heart. Late Saturday afternoon an incredible hail, wind and rain storm hit our campsite. We saw that rain was coming but never expected a storm quite like that one. And of course our tents weren’t pitched with tent pens – 618997_91351452perfect targets for a raging storm! The storm played with our tents like a cat with yarn, leaving everything and I mean absolutely everything drenched. (While all of this happened at our site I was stuck in the ablution block with a roof lifting of the walls every time the wind passed by.)

After the storm had cleared, left with no choice we had to pack up and return to the city. God protecting us on our journey back. We trashed our office with the wet camping gear. The following day the big clean up commenced…

That night I experienced what it felt like to be in the middle of what feels like a life-threatening storm and having no shelter, nowhere to turn to, having to face the forces of nature head on. Belongings destroyed in the process leaving one with nothing. I was in the fortunate position to be able to run from it, to go to a safe haven, a steadfast shelter. But for someone for whom a tent or some other rickety shelter is a home there is nowhere to go – stuck with their lives endangered. I realised that this is also true for our spiritual lives. My God is my steadfast shelter, to his embracing arms I can always run when the storms of life is coming down hard. He is the one that saves me from the life-threatening storm of sin and sets me free, he gives me life in abundance. But those who don’t know him, where do they run? Every day they are caught in the life threatening storm of sin with no way out, every moment a life might be lost forever. And through that revelation God once again ignited my heart for His people, for His kingdom cause, impassioning me for missions.

Sounding off with a new revelation

Esneri Venter


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