The Jump From Serving To Engaging

‘Koffiehuis’ Experience
“You my brothers were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather serve one another in love.” Galatians 5:13

I started out at ‘Koffiehuis’ soup kitchen. They have an incredible ongoing operation  reaching out to the homeless people. Tuks Missions are involved in the Friday night program which is effectively their ‘Sunday’. They have a church service with a worship session, and then they (mostly men, but some ladies) are served a special “Sunday” meal. The volunteers get involved with the serving of the food, bringing it out to the guys as well as socialising/talking to the guys while they wait for the food.

The first few times I went, I immediately ducked into the kitchen and helped with the food preparation, attempting to have as little contact with these men as possible, but one Friday I was skipped over for kitchen duty and sent to socialise. I panicked! What was I to say to these men? Could we have been any further alike? I literally had no common ground with these poor, homeless, broken men. Or so I thought. Armed with a shaky prayer; I entered the mêlée… I was blessed beyond measure, I had deep meaningful conversations, I met Lawyers and scholars and businessmen. I spoke to people, just like you and me who have found themselves in terrible situations, but above all that suffering I saw hope.

I went home that day (back to my res room that I had often cursed for its lack of luxury) having a true sense of humility and praising God for His unfailing mercies even if on first inspection they seem to be absent.
Every time I get involved with a Tuks missions projects I can’t help but feel a stirring of excitement in my heart. A fire has indeed been ignited for missions, not a raging flame, but a definite little smoulder that gets hotter each day. I don’t know when it will burst into flame, but on that day I will be ready.

-Kathleen Buchanan

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