New Experience at Crossroads & in the streets of Hatfield


p style=”text-align: justify;”>A Friday afternoon not too long ago I was invited to a place called crossroads. I had no idea what to expect and therefore had no expectations but as I rounded the corner not one but three times I finally found the old colonial style house tucked away on the corner of Schoeman and Beatrix road. As I walked unknowing out of my warm heated car and into the pouring rain, I was quickly sheltered by a friendly face with an umbrella and lead into the house. I was assigned a task to help unpacking and folding the donated clothes. As a few minutes went by more and more people came in and helped out. All with the common love to serve, not only the needy but to serve the Lord.

I met people from different churches, different countries and different interests some were flamboyant and some

Crossroads Coffeehouse Soupkitchen
Fellowship with the homeless people in Pretoria

were quiet yet we all operated well together handing each other piles of clothes or stirring pots of stew it all just worked. While I was treading through the house when a friendly hand extended out and took mine introducing himself as Pastor Jacob. This was the man who did it all running the programs at the crossroads three days a week including counseling, prayer, preaching and evangelizing he is living proof of Philippians 4vs13 “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” As the evening consumed the day the seats slowly filled up and one by one a hungry face would walk in until we had 54 hungry tummies to fill.

Praise and worship came and it was a bit of an unexpected task laid upon me. It was quiet a new experience as I forgot these faces before me never really knew any Christian songs. So I sang a song no one but the volunteers knew, which quickly made me jump into reality, my face burned red and a friend quickly sprung in singing an up beat African song which luckily got the crowd going. As the evening went on we had a short service and handed out the food.

I had volunteered for street evangelism so I was thrust into a group of 6 girls and 3 boys lead by pastor Jacob. We went to Hatfield Square where the pumping of music was radiating through the streets and the drunkards collapsed and stumbled upon one another. We quickly began to talk to the people around us about Jesus and one thing I learned was that people are conveniently Christians when they need to be. We spoke to two girls who were sitting quietly on the steps, they listened intensively and were grateful for our conversation. Their one friend reeked of brandy and was falling around drunk with her 2 year old son in her arms, she claimed to be a Christian and didn’t want to talk to us.  Out of the 8 people we socialized with only 4 were very interested yet all claimed they were daughters in Christ. When we returned to crossroads the food was done and the kitchen was clean so we all said our goodbyes after a prayer.

The evening was an evening well spent with fellow Christians and doing what small work we can do for the King of kings.

 –Thaila Bradley

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