MIA (Moving Into Action)

MIA2012-logoTuks Missions is working very closely with MIA in connecting and exposing students to outreaches in Africa. Throughout the years hundreds of Tuks Missions Students have visited African countries through the guidance of MIA. We will be attending the next MIA2015 conference with the Going North into Africa vision.

Who is MIA?

In association with Focus Team Leadership Training (FTLT) the MIA Academy was founded to address the need for younger leaders with a missional focus and understanding to be equipped theoretically while involved in practice. We believe that leaders are not just born but also developed, and therefore every emerging leader requires a platform from where development can take place.

Our goal is to see that every trainee’s life will be impacted in such a way that they will become the change they want to see in this world, and that they will eventually inspire others to become part of the change as well.

The aim of the MIA Academy is:

  • To provide you with a high quality theoretical understanding on various missional topics based on experiential knowledge,
  • To provide a platform where you can grow in your relationship with God and be transformed in the likeness and character of Christ,
  • To train, equip and empower you as a leader that will step out and inspire change wherever you go, both cross-culturally and amongst your own people,
  • To provide a platform where you can learn about the importance of working together as the Body of Christ,
  • To give you the opportunity to discover, live out, and develop your passion.

The MIA Academy will Soon Go Live with the first training modules being made available. To be amongst the first to know when this happen, please register as a user on the MIA website

Going North

Living on a continent which is often viewed as one of crime, poverty and darkness, it’s understandable how many can become overwhelmed by the problems which surround us. Negativity can easily become part of the common speech among our people and desperation to escape this land looms in the minds of many. Statistics of crime, poverty and disease seem to be on the increase, plaguing our hearts with hopelessness and distress. And if one is not careful, before you even know it you have been sucked into a whirlpool of down-spiralling defeat in your spirit and mind. There are countless issues to deal with. Countless people who do not have a real relationship with Jesus. We are all part of a country and continent desperate to encounter the Lord, needing to ask for forgiveness and be saved! So is there a solution? As the body of Christ what can we actively do?

“If you are not willing to be part of the solution then do not complain about the problem!”

How often do we just complain about something but when an opportunity arises to be part of the solution, we turn our back on it. If we do that, then we become part of the problem.  So as you continue reading, we challenge you not to turn your back. We ask you to open your heart and spirit and let the Lord speak to you. We believe we can all become part of the solution!

Moving Into Action (MIA) is a platform supporting the movement of taking the Gospel call of Jesus North. MIA wants to make this task easier by connecting individuals, churches, and outreach groups with exciting ministries, organisations, churches and initiatives (Entities of Change) throughout southern and northern Africa. Through the MIA platform various opportunities exists which include, but are not limited to, outreach and mission exposure experiences, networking possibilities, and training opportunities.

Various organisations, churches, individuals and businesses are uniting with a common mission. A mission to produce change not just in our country, but across the continent! The aim is to mobilise thousands of people to move into action by – engaging with and serving various “Entities of Change”* across Southern Africa, empowering these already existing groups of people, and to bring change in their areas.

Going North Values

1) Passionate about what God is doing in Africa…
2) Open and willing to grow daily (2 Peter 1: 5-8) in my understanding and responsibility to be a transparent witness for Christ wherever I go; school, workplace, social space, etc…
3) Actively involved in making a difference by connecting with those around me and utilising the combined energy and ideas to ‘Move into Action’…
4) Constantly striving to serve the unified body of Christ; His global church…
5) Taking responsibility within my generation to take the gospel of Christ, in whichever way possible, to those who have little to no access to it; prayer, support, send, GO…

“Moving into Action is not the beginning of something new. It is merely an attempt to connect with that which God is already doing from within South and Southern Africa. MIA serves as a platform where various voices and initiatives can connect, take hands and unite around a common mission vision – Going North.”

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