Evangelism in our age

light to the worldGo ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Ghost. Matthew 28:19 is one of many verses in the Bible that echo this resounding command to every follower of Christ to carry on the message of the Gospel to the world. Evangelism is defined as preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With the rapidly changing world we live in today, I feel that many Christians have lost touch with the true cause of spreading the good news to the nations as Christ had envisaged. Evangelism today seems largely to be defined by spreading the doctrines of an earthly church or organization to prospective converts in an effort to win more members to a congregation and secure popularity and funds.

Evangelism has become too commercialized with concepts like televangelism being a common feature in Christian life. Many fervent televangelists have defined the gospel with such distasteful words as ‘a sensational commodity’. I detest the idea that the gospel of our Lord Jesus is a commodity which can be marketed to the masses through televised broadcasts and fliers. Yes, these methods have proven effective but it’s a very fine line to tread. I think it’s disgraceful to treat the message that our Lord Jesus is just another well-crafted, money-fetching inspirational tale. The Gospel is a message of Christ’s Love for mankind and was never meant to be mindlessly thrown about in an attempt to draw attention and reel in more converts.

The Gospel, which reflects the essence, Love and selfless sacrifice of our Saviour, is the most divine and inspirational message ever told. Sharing this message should be done as an act of compassion and love for our fellow men and women. As such, it is my conviction that if I cannot convey the selfless and endearing compassion of Christ to another person whom I intend to evangelize to, then my heart is not in the right place. Only by acknowledging the humanity of the other person can we be true to our Faith and honour Lord’s command. The disturbing trend amongst many Christians today of only using the Gospel to praise and enrich their earthly churches could be one of the greatest faults of modern Christianity.

Martin Mushomba

Studies BSc Chemistry at UP

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